Biblionet bv Frankfurter buchmesse 2014.

Biblionet bv, is based in Enschede, The Netherlands,
only 600 meter from the border between The Netherlands and Germany.

Biblionet was founded over 20 years ago and is in The Netherlands a major supplier of many goods and products for libraries and schools. Our product range start with book supplies, includes several lines of library furniture and book cabinets en ends with full turn-key library interior projects. Also included in our product range is the “standard corporate image and lay-out” of all public libraries using our Orange coloured “library” sign.

We are pleased here and now taking the opportunity to introduce our new product range: - “FOXIS” Library at school - in Germany during this Buchmesse.

Our FOXIS range consists of a number of easily to arrange book cabinets, desks and a number of sit- and presentation elements for several kind of books and other media.

During this fair we would like to meet people from schools and libraries as they are our final customers. Additionally we would also get in contact with (regional operating ?) companies who have daily contacts with our final target group and can work as “our distributors”. Germany is big and we like to cooperate with several serious partners to expand our success also to Germany.

Biblionet BV will be represented in Frankfurt by our German subsidiary Edubib GmbH:
Mr. John Mosterd - General Manager,
Mr. Eddy Wessels - Operational Manager and
Mr. Michiel van den Brenk - Export Manager.